WWEA Candidate Recommendation Process

The WWEA has recommended School Board candidates for more than 30 years. As professional educators, we take this process very seriously. School Board elections are nonpartisan and we do not seek out a particular political ideology. We seek to recommend candidates who:

  • will support all students, 
  • are collaborative with all stakeholders, 
  • are committed to equity and diversity, and 
  • are invested in delivering a high-quality and equitable public education for all.

We always invite all candidates to participate in our recommendation process and this year, all nine candidates were invited to meet with us. Five candidates accepted our invitation. The process includes responding to a written questionnaire, followed by a meeting with a panel of educators for a face-to-face interview.  

Once this process is complete, our panel of educators develops a recommendation.  This recommendation is then sent to our Governing Board, composed of educators who represent each school in the District, for approval. The recommendation to support: John Rutledge, Dave Long, Julie Kulovits, and Erik Hjerpe, was unanimous at each step throughout our process.